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So, what do we think of “Master Gardeners”?

So, what do we think of “Master Gardeners”?.


Gardening Lists! Oy vey!!

It seems my list of things to do in the garden this year is getting longer by the day. There’s the roses that need to be dug up so all of the grass can be eliminated once and for all. Is this possible? Then there’s the many plants that need to find a new home because a large, diseased tree was cut down. They struggled through last year but I want them to thrive this year! I will also need to assess winter damage or possibly death from the bitter cold. There are many, many, many perennials to be divided. Did I say there were many? I could also spend days looking through the assortment of seed catalogs to simply figure out that I will plant the same sweet peas that I traditionally plant every year. Of course, I want to propagate some shrubs by using the layering method. And how could I forget weeding? All those precious weeds need to find their way into the yard debris bin. Maybe my garden fairies will help with that. But they won’t help until I’ve created their fairy home and garden! Sheesh!! I better get started. Wait. I need a nap first.

Is it too hot to divide perennials?

I can only speak from my own experience on this. The textbooks may disagree. If you really need to divide perennials during a hot spell, try to do it in the morning hours. Be sure to soak the plant to make sure the roots are moist. Cut back as much foliage as you’re comfortable with. Now you’re ready to dig it up. After you’re dug it up, divided and potted your plant, be sure to water well. Keep the plant out of full sun for about a week. The plant is already stressed and doesn’t need the full sun to add to it. Would love to hear your questions/comments.

Grass is the gardener’s enemy!

Now don’t get me wrong. I think a lush, green lawn is beautiful. But, I am so tired of pulling grass out of my flower beds! Sick of it, I tell you! I now have sections of flower beds that need to be dug out completely and redone. Grass would be fine if it would stay where it belongs, but it never does. I could definitely go on about this subject, but I can’t spend a lot of time writing when there’s grass to be pulled.


I can’t believe there’s only one more day til my Grand Opening. I feel pretty proud of myself to be opening my own business while managing chronic pain. It’s taken me many years to get here. I was thinking this morning about how grateful I am to be where I am right now. And wondering if I’d be this grateful if I hadn’t been to hell and back a few times. Hmmm. Either way, I am grateful. In my gratitude journal, I have about 25 separate entries indicating about 25 people helping me in some way to get this business going. How can one person be so richly blessed? I don’t have the answer. All I know is that I’m truly grateful.