Here Comes Sunshine

Every gardener should have Sunshine helping them in their garden. Nothing would get done without Sunshine. It’s been months now since I’ve seen Sunshine. Sunshine  will be helping me in my garden tomorrow and Saturday; I’m not talking about that big, round, fiery ball of light we rarely see in the Pacific Northwest.

Sunshine is a young man who has the work ethic of someone who grew up in the 50’s. He’s not afraid of hard work. He’s not afraid of a challenge. He restores my hope in today’s youth. Some of them do know how to work hard.  In spite of being young, he knows his way around the garden and he’s not afraid of it.

Now to make his list. I always have a list. Just ask anyone who has ever helped me in my yard.  Buahahahaha! When he arrives (and he’s always on time), we go through the list. I give him time to ask questions and once answered, off he goes. The first task is usually to locate the proper tools for the job. They could be anywhere really. It’s a good thing he’s not afraid to go on this adventure of searching where they were left last. We try really hard to put things away, but truth be told, my husband struggles with this. Shhhh. Don’t tell him I said that. 🙂

It’s a good thing we only have 1/3 acre! Sunshine’s list is finished. Now it’s time to make mine. At the top my list will be to locate those pruners that I saw my husband using last weekend. Wish me luck!

Gardening Lists! Oy vey!!

It seems my list of things to do in the garden this year is getting longer by the day. There’s the roses that need to be dug up so all of the grass can be eliminated once and for all. Is this possible? Then there’s the many plants that need to find a new home because a large, diseased tree was cut down. They struggled through last year but I want them to thrive this year! I will also need to assess winter damage or possibly death from the bitter cold. There are many, many, many perennials to be divided. Did I say there were many? I could also spend days looking through the assortment of seed catalogs to simply figure out that I will plant the same sweet peas that I traditionally plant every year. Of course, I want to propagate some shrubs by using the layering method. And how could I forget weeding? All those precious weeds need to find their way into the yard debris bin. Maybe my garden fairies will help with that. But they won’t help until I’ve created their fairy home and garden! Sheesh!! I better get started. Wait. I need a nap first.

So blessed!

This morning I am feeling so blessed thinking about my new business and how it’s everything I’d hoped for. I have been meeting some of the kindest people. Beautiful people. On top of that, I’m working with plants all day. What could be better? After all I’ve been through, to arrive at this moment in time so happy, is such a miracle. I realize the miracle. I see the miracle. I am the miracle. How could I possibly be more blessed.

Thankful for the rain?

I didn’t really think it was possible to be thankful for the rain. I am a sun worshiper. I LOVE the sun! It makes me happy! But, with the last few days of rain, I’ve been kept inside. My house is thanking me. Truly. I can hear it giving thanks. LOL  Everything is dusted and areas that needed deep cleaning, are clean. I’m even getting some baking done. Truth be told, it hasn’t been all work. Yesterday, I enjoyed a massage, pedicure and a wonderful nap. So this rain has also provided a much needed rest for me. Yep! I am thankful for the rain.